Go to astraxwallet.com and select from Android or iOS for mobile application You also go directly to the Google Play store, or Apple App Store.

To send tokens click on your Account, click Send. From there you will be prompted to enter an address to send your tokens.

To receive tokens click on your Account, click Receive. From there a QR code will appear with your wallet address.

AstraX currently only supports the DigitalBits (XDB) token. IMPORTANT: Do not send ERC-20 versions of XDB to your address. Your tokens will be lost and cannot be recovered.

Your digitalbits address is a unique identifier that serves as the location where your digitalbits tokens are stored. 

Store your secret recovery phrase in a safe place. Write it down and store it somewhere where only you have access. It is the only way to recover your funds. If you lose your secret recovery phrase, AstraX can NOT recover your wallet. 

Never give your secret recovery phrase or your private key(s) to anyone or any site.